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Signorina Ada

 Among the industrious inhabitants in Borgoterra, at the beginning of XX century, there was a woman, Ada, who never got married and who devoted her life to her little tailor’s shop. Today, where once there was Ada’s shop, there is the dwelling that is named after her. The entrance is in the main courtyard. The very steep, ancient stair in stone, immediatly strikes the visitor. This lead to the entrance of the apartment. Despite the recent restoration, this stair remained intentionally precipitous, almost worn out, to remember Ada’s steps. But this stone stair, at Ada’s time, had even another function: it hosted many seamstresses, artisans and repositories of ancient knowledge, each one seated on his own step, in an industriousness as much pleasant as uncomfortable. The dwelling is large and lightful and is provided with a four poster double bed, a bathroom with double emotional shower made in stone and a rollaway kitchen. On the top of the stair, there is a romantic terrace. SIGNORINA ADA is among the most suggestive dwellings in Borgoterra, restored with the love of those who lived these rooms and knew who had lived here for many years, now holds the charm that only a tale can give.

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